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Verdrängt das Internet die alten Medien?

Aufarbeitung einer aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Diskussion

The relation between the existing and new media has been a subject of discussion for a long time. Modern research concentrated on the Online Media as a newest technology. Despite of the growing interest to this field, there is still no clearly formulated position about how online media consumption influences the consumption of the old media, in particular of the print newspapers and traditional TV.
The purpose of this paper is to better understand the impact of Online Media on traditional newspapers and TV by collecting and analyzing the empirical evidences from different countries. The research question is whether the Internet replaces the ‚Old Media‘. A systematic review of the current scientific discussion was conducted.
Based on the three theoretical approaches to media coexistence opposite viewpoints are collected and discussed: the first perspective predicting the replacement of the old media through the internet and the second one supporting the idea of media complementation, including the general increase of usage of all media. By collecting and discussing the relevant studies the paper draws general conclusions about these topics for future research.
The analysis of the studies revealed that newspapers face a more substitutive relationship to the internet (e.g. digital news), while TV doesn’t lose its importance and complements the internet usage.