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The Role of Internal Health Communication in Employee Motivation and Well-being: Lessons from an Austrian Case Study.

This thesis explores the role that internal communication of workplace health promotion (WHP) plays in factors of employee motivation and well-being. While the current state of research clearly connects effects of internal organizational communication with factors of motivation, suggested opinions and studies on the potential influence of WHP by itself on these factors are far from conclusive. In order to understand WHP as a distinctive part of internal organizational communication, those directly responsible for and involved in the WHP communication process, as well as employees from various occupational fields, were questioned with guideline interviews. WHP’s role in the communication process in terms of motivation was particularly associated with aspects of teambuilding, employee retention and factors of well-being, whereby acceptance and fairness were identified as important prerequisites. Personal, target-group-specific communication supported by pull media that is accessible at home, such as the employee magazine, would be able to transmit WHP in particular. The author suggests that WHP communication plays a considerable and, most of all, distinct role in organizational communication considering its particularities both on employee motivation and well-being.