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The role of Human capital preparedness in facilitating readiness for organizational change

In order to be competitive in the market, organizations must be able to rapidly adapt to the demands of the globalized world. To meet those demands, the organizations should be prepared to face any sort of changes, changes that foremost affect the people that constitute the organization. Hence, there is a growing need that the employees be prepared to walk with the company along the path of the change processes. In a developing country such as Colombia there is a lack of research in human management and more specifically the strategic approach to management of human capital. Thus, the present research is built on the importance of establishing the knowledge of the managers concerning the investment in preparation the employees to facilitate their readiness to address such changes as well as managers’ willingness to implementing such trainings. To find out the awareness of the executives regarding the topic, qualitative expert interviews were conducted and analysed, portraying managers understanding of the topics of Change Management, Human Capital and Return of Investment. It was encouraging to see that managers in Colombia see value in human capital preparedness for change, however, how many of them actually implement it?